How I Publish First Indie Game — From Zero

1. Situation

I am a web developer who has been working on code for years and is currently working on fulltime. Do not know anyone like me, perhaps in the past, many new games like computers and became dev. I haven’t played much recently, but I still want to contribute to the game industry so I try to upload the game to the store Lol

Starting from wanting to make a game like that, then one day I came up with the idea that I thought “maybe good”. I worked on the code for about 3–4 hours and finished the first version of “playable” on web.

Share on facebook and see people try to play it. Seeing a pretty good idea, I started to look into making mobile games, then went online to read from Quora to some Facebook groups …

2. Learn how to start

- What technology to dev?
・Good: Free, lots of docs, community, good for newbies, build both android & ios
・Bad: The game is slightly heavier (insignificant)

- How is the mobile game industry these days?
・Mobile games are growing faster than games on other platforms

- Do indie game dev starve?
・Yes Lol

- Is it hard to make a game?
・Making a good game is really difficult and requires a lot of skills (physics, 3D …)
・Making 2d games is easier

- How start making games?
・Learning tut
・Learn a little design enough to use

- The skills needed for an indie game dev?
・Plan yourself
・Self-division task

3. Planning

After reading for a few days, I also know briefly what to do, and then outline a plan long under 10 bullet points.

The first rule is to plan the estimated time, then double it up Lol

Make a table describing the necessary functions of the game idea and divide those tasks into plans. (Divide the function as clearly as possible to create tasks)

I have a sketchy plan like this, divided into short periods of 2 weeks (phase):

Phase 1: Dev
Phase 2: Dev, Design
Phase 3: Dev, Design
Phase 4: Dev, Connect API
Phase 5: Build, Test
Phase 6: Submit, Marketing, Public

Then each phase creates 10 tasks, with which I create 20 more bugs is sufficient 😄

4. Implementation

This part is more time-consuming than I thought, the way I do it:

Split small tasks, very small (can be completed in less than 30 minutes)
・For example, revising text for buttons also counts

Every day a little bit code, as long as there is code

Time each day only code range 0.5–2h, weekends can be from 2–4 hours
・No code in the weekend afternoon
・No Overwork (to ensure no stress and give up)

Check the results of each phase:
・Take photos and post to social -> see the results will be more motivated

Follow docs on unity, youtube and code

Get lots of feedback from friends in the early stages.

Images noted by phase:

5. Production

Buy google play account ~ $ 25 ~ permanently

Buy apple store account ~ 99 $ ~ 1 year
-> Do not buy an apple store acc quickly, to see how the game situation on android. Build the app with test, beta, production and then upload it

4 hours for first web version:
3 months for production:

Hopefully this article will help you who have an idea and want to complete it. Looking forward to receiving suggestions from everyone.

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Thank all ❤
Thank for reading!